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Blood Quantum

A zombie virus decimates all of Earth's population except the Mi'qmaq community of Red Crow.

For as long as one side’s been the horde and the other survivors, the zombie narrative has been ripe for moral and political bite, critiquing slavery, consumerism, global warming and more. Now, for an urgent indigenous people’s take on the genre, writer-director Jeff Barnaby (Rhymes for Young Ghouls) brings the zombie outbreak to a fictionalized version of his place of origin: the Mi’gmaq reserve in Quebec.

On its face, Blood Quantum is a capably directed small-town bloodbath, and a fitting entry in the horror film library. There’s a katana in the mix, an upstanding police officer, and the acting ranges from serviceable to apocalyptically ominous on the parts of Kiowa Gordon (The Red Road) and Gary Farmer (Dead Man). Mostly it’s the point of view that elevates Blood Quantum, bringing something new to the reanimated-corpse thriller.

Without much explicit commentary, Barnaby’s film asks how a community under centuries of duress can confront a new threat that resembles old perils: diseased blankets, broken bargains and poisoned natural resources. “I’m not leaving this land again,” proclaims a Mi’gmaq defender during a pivotal stand. You won’t know whether to pump your fist or dry your eyes.

Source: Willamette Week

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Directed by: 
Jeff Barnaby
Running Time: 
96 minutes
English and Micmac (with English subtitles)
Michael Greyeyes
Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
Forrest Goodluck
Kiowa Gordon
Olivia Scriven
Stonehorse Lone Goeman
Screenplay by: 
Jeff Barnaby

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