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Morvern Callar

The film begins with Morvern waking to find her aspiring novelist boyfriend dead on the kitchen floor. The reason for his suicide is as mysterious as Morvern’s reaction to it. Is she in shock? Has she entered some sort of fugue state? The film is refreshingly free of motivation as we watch Morvern continue matter-of-factly with her mundane life as a supermarket clerk. Morvern does frequently don a walkman to listen to a mixed tape left by her boyfriend and the songs in her head provide glimmers of her inner emotional states. A film of shifting moods and tones, as elusive as its heroine.– Dennis Sabourin
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Directed by: 
Lynne Ramsey
Running Time: 
Samantha Morton, Kathleen McDermott, Dan Cadan, Carolyn Calder, Raife Patrick Burchell, Jim Wilson
Screenplay by: 
Lynne Ramsay, Liana Dognini. Based on the novel by Alan Warner

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