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Silent Light

~ Winner ~ Jury Prize ~ Cannes Festival

This is the first movie filmed in the Plautdietsch dialect of the German language. Carlos Reygadas's latest film displays an amazing maturity of vision in this mesmerising and deeply moving tale of love and betrayal played out against the pastoral backdrop of the North Mexican Mennonite community. SILENT LIGHT tells the story of Johan, a married man who against the laws of his faith and traditional beliefs, falls in love with another woman, thus facing an internal dilemma, whether to betray his wife, the woman he once loved and disrupt the apparent stability of the community or sacrifice his true love and future happiness. Sublimely shot, entirely on location in the Mexican Mennonite community near Chihuahua, SILENT LIGHT opens with what is arguably the single most remarkable shot of the year; dawn breaking over the rural landscape, Reygadas's control of image and sound reconfirm his position as one of cinema's most distinctive auteurs.
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Directed by: 
Carlos Reygadas
Running Time: 
Plautdietsch & Spanish with English subtitles
Cornelio Wall, Miriam Toews, Maria Pankratz, Peter Wall, Elizabeth Fehr
Screenplay by: 
Carlos Reygadas

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