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The Gate: Dawn of the Baha'i


As the world suffers from the divisive forces of strife and intolerance, a new Faith advocates the oneness of humanity’s major religions as a path toward world peace. The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá’í Faith is the groundbreaking documentary that tells the amazing, true story of the Prophet Herald known as The Báb, His message and the origins of a new era in world religion.

"‘The greatest story never told’: New documentary sheds light on the origins of the Baha’i faith. Steve Sarowitz is not a filmmaker. But when the former tech entrepreneur declared himself a Baha’i, he felt compelled to bring awareness to his new faith. But members of the faith are not allowed to proslytize, and with only about five million Baha’is in the world, few people know much about the faith – or its origin story. So Sarowitz set off to make what became “The Gate: Dawn of the Baha’i Faith,” a documentary from Spring Green Films about the creation of the Baha’i faith and its prophet the Báb, directed by Peabody Award-winner Bob Hercules." - Interfaith Voices

"Ask most people what the Bahá’í faith is, and you will get puzzled looks. It is one of the relatively newer religions and has around five million members around the world. The documentary The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá’í is trying to change that. The film blends expert testimony with dramatic reenactments to tell the story about the beginning of the Bahá’í faith and their mystic creator, the Báb." - World Religion News


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Running Time: 
60 min
Adam Mondschein, Tala Delvarani, Yaani King Mondschein
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Screenplay by: 
Bob Hercules

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