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The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52

The loneliest whale has plenty of friends it's never met

The Lonliest Whale: Finding 52 is a feature length documentary that will take audiences on a journey to find the forgotten "52 Hertz Whale." Calling out at 52 Hz, a frequency unrecognized by other whales, this mysterious creature is believed to have lived its life in complete solitude, its calls forever unanswered by its own kind. In our ever-present fascination with these majestic beasts, the tale of "52" has prompted an intense reaction amongst our own species, pointing to a greater awareness of human loneliness than ever before.

"Zeman offers an infectious, well-balanced, and tender experience that fills you with wisdom and wonder. It's compulsive viewing for all ages."- Preston Barta, Fresh Fiction


"[A]s it wends toward that conclusion, The Loneliest Whale is both invigorating and calming to watch."- Stephanie Zacharek, TIME Magazine


""The Loneliest Whale" gently combines aquatic adventure and bobbing meditation on our own species's environmental arrogance."- Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

Virtual cinema: 

Playing at Hyland Cinema:

Directed by: 
Joshua Zeman
Running Time: 
96 minutes
United States

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