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Hyland Cinema Name Plaques

Hyland Cinema Name Plaques

As part of our Digital Projector Fundraising Campaign we are offering the opportunity to purchase a Name Plaque on the armrest of the seats in the Hyland Cinema. If you have already purchased a plaque on the back of the seat, we will automatically move it to the armrest.
The donation is $150 per plaque.
If well sell all 400 seat plaques the projector is paid for (Whew!).

You may purchase plaque at cinema box office OR
Please click link below to purchase online.


Enter the Name for Engraving



Name plaques, donations, gift certificates, memberships, aprons, market bags, T-shirts, hats, 35mm bookmarks, 35mm earrings and button.
Due to shipping expenses, we request a minimum $25 order.

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