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American Woman

AMERICAN WOMANstars Hong Chau (Downsizing, InherentVice), Sarah Gadon(Alias Grace, Maps To The Stars), John Gallagher Jr. (The Miseducation of Cameron Post, The Newsroom), Lola Kirke (Mozart In The Jungle, Gemini), David  Cubitt  (Siren,  Shut  In) Ellen  Burstyn  (Requiem  For A  Dream,  The  Exorcist),  and  is  written  and  directed  by Semi Chellas (Mad Men, Ophelia).It's  1975,  and  radicals  in  California  have  kidnapped  a  young  woman,  the  daughter  of  one  of  the    wealthiest,  most influential families in America, and —incredibly —converted her to their cause. In an isolated country manor in New York's  Hudson  Valley,  Jenny  (HONG  CHAU)  is  working  as  a  housemaid,  holding  her  tongue  as  her  employer (ELLEN BURSTYN) comments scornfully on a live news report about the group.But when a mysterious friend tempts Jenny witha risky proposal, we realize there's more to this than meets the eye. Jenny is in fact a fugitive, wanted for the bombing of a draft office in the '60s. Ironically, she's also a pacifist, whose principled rejection of the Vietnam War has brought her firstto violent activism, and then into hiding, but now that the war is ending she's looking for a way to rejoin society.Recruited to help the  surviving radicals hide out in a secluded farmhouse  upstate, Jenny is caught off-guard by the ethereal Pauline (SARAH GADON), the kidnapped heiress reborn as a true believer. But the tension grows as Juan (JOHN GALLAGHER JR.) proves to be volatile, possibly violent, and Yvonne (LOLA KIRKE) to be calculating and unstable. As a tireless FBI agent (DAVID CUBITT) closes in,and the truth of Pauline's circumstances become clear, Jenny will face a watershed choice.

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Directed by: 
Semi Chellas
Running Time: 
Hong Chau, Ellen Burstyn, Greg Campbell

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