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Animals in Love

Every year, at every season, the entire earth resonates with the amorous sounds, songs and cries of animals. Humans may believe that they have a unique ability to charm the opposite sex, but astonishing courtship behavior exists in every part of the animal kingdom. Over two years, the talented natural history film director Laurent Charbonnier recorded in detail courtship behaviors of over 170 species to produce Animals In Love. His selection of 80 species for the finished production includes dolphins, lions, clown fish, many birds, kangaroos, monkeys, crabs and insects. With magnificent and touching images of the couples courting, we are able to witness the unforgettable dances, movements, gestures, songs, cries and sounds different species use to attract the opposite sex. Recorded in all seasons with extraordinary footage from 16 countries, the film invites us to celebrate the animal world with a voyage to all corners of the earth. - Environmental Film Festival
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Directed by: 
Laurent Charbonnier
Running Time: 
French with Englsih subtitles
Feature Documentary
Screenplay by: 
Laurent Charbonnier

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