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Based on a true story

Brotherhood recounts the true fight for survival a group of young men had to endure following a dangerous canoe trip in Kawartha in the 1920s.  Canadian director Richard Bell cuts back and forth from early woodsy hijinks to the boys’ fight for survival, accompanied in both by their adult camp leaders, played by Brendan Fletcher and Brendan Fehr. These are men who have survived the Great War and the flu pandemic that followed; many of the boys’ fathers were not so lucky.

The film is awash in period detail, like the luminous Ingersoll Radiolite sported by one of the boys. “Keen wristwatch,” another chirps. And there’s a mention of the recent South Pole expedition and the fate of Lawrence Oates, which proves eerily prophetic.

But the story is also (unfortunately) timeless; clinging to the side of an overturned boat in frigid waters is not a century-specific activity, and the rugged, dangerous beauty of the Canadian Shield is similarly eternal.

Even our current concern about kids getting back to nature isn’t new; when one of the counsellors mentions the possibility of tuning in to Sam ’n’ Henry, a popular radio sitcom, the other berates him: “The point of all of this … is to get them as far away from electrical sockets as possible. I think electrical things put us further from ourselves.”

That said, this modern talkie tells a powerful story worth experiencing in theatres.  (source: Chris Knight, National A

"Bell succeeds in stripping back the mythos of what it means "to be a man" and how strong one can really be while embracing compassion, vulnerability and love instead"- Anne T. Donahue, The Globe and Mail

"An entertaining survival adventure"- Jim Soltek, Original Cin



CTV Interview with Director David Bell





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Directed by: 
Richard Bell
Running Time: 
96 minutes
Jake Manley
Brendan Fehr
Dylan Everett
Brendan Fletcher
Screenplay by: 
Richard Bell

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