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Don't Let Anyone Tell You What It Is

"Catfish", among other things, makes you wonder why it has that title. It is not until almost the very end that the title makes any sense at all, but it turns out to be quite aptly-named. While the title came as a surprise, it was far behind other surprises in a documentary that makes you wonder why it was even worth making until you are already well into the story. It's worth the wait, because what unfolds is at times frustrating, yet ultimately rewarding and heart-warming. If you read this review and then go see it, you'll have to take my word about the heart-warming part. Long before you are filled with warmth you might be filled with distaste for one of the main characters. Correspondence and phone conversations ensue. Yaniv befriends the girl's mother and other daughter, an attractive young woman. Online and telephone romance quickly follow. Ariel and Henry decide to film a documentary about these interactions, and the central plot revolves around Yaniv's budding long-distance relationship. The three young men decide it would be a great idea to travel to Michigan and surprise their new friends. What ensues is a curiosity you could not possibly have imagined. Telling you any more about what happens once filming begins in Michigan would utterly ruin it all for you. What is most interesting about what does happen is the reactions of the three young men and the reactions you might enjoy. If I told you all of it in straight facts, you probably would just shrug and shake your head at the negative aspects of it all, but if you watch it, I'm guessing you will be struck by your own ability to feel compassion. Catch this fish. David Kempler, Big Picture, Big Sound Official Trailer
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Directed by: 
Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Running Time: 
Nev Schulman, Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost

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