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PLEASE CONSIDER GETTING VACcINATED! Vaccinations help protect yourself and others. It will help prevent another Lockdown. Most small businesses can't survice another lockdown. Thanks!

The safety of our staff and guests is our number one priority. 

handsgraphic.pngMaking Sure We Stay Sanitized 

★ Staff will be wearing CDC approved masks and gloves and washing hands frequently.

★ All concessions will be prepared in sanitized environment with staff wearing masks & gloves.

★ High contact areas (doors, handles, debit machines, arm rests, etc.) will be frequently santitized.

★ Bathrooms will be cleaned regularily.

★ Sanitizer (touch free) is available at all entrances and exits and the LMH Unit advises to sanitize your hands on entering and exiting the building


DRIVE-In Social Distancing/Masks

★ Keeping the 6ft rule - we will add markings where appropriate

★ All cars will be parked 6' apart

★ Remain in your car except to go to the washroom

★ Masks are required if you leave your car

★ We ask any guests that are showing signs of illness stay home.


Monitoring Staff
★ We will monitor staff temperature

★ All staf are double vaccinated


distancegraphic.pngMAIN SCREEN CAPACITY - max 50%
★ 50% capacity is 187 in a 375 seat cinema, however with the automated seating system and 6' bubbles, capacity flutuates around 80 people.

★ Capacity limitations will of 3 people per washroom to ensure physical distancing.

                  ★ Some sinks and stalls will be taped off to ensure physical distancing

                  ★ All areas/cinema are sanitized with a Electrostatic spray system after each show




★All Drive-In tickets must be purchased online

★ Main screen tickets can be purchased ONLINE or at the BOX OFFICE

                  ★ We prefer, TAP, then CARDS, then Cash (it helps reduce touch points for our staff)


Virtual cinema: 

No screenings currently scheduled.

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