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De Gaulle

The making of a president

Paris, June 1940. The de Gaulle couple is confronted with the military and political collapse of France. Charles de Gaulle joins London while Yvonne, his wife, finds herself with her three children on the road of the exodus.

Lambert Wilson is a versatile actor of a kind few exist in France. But with Gabriel Le Bomin’s De Gaulle, Wilson has set the bar even higher, donning the uniform of the famous general — “the man who said no” to the French surrender to the German on 18 June 1940.  Wilson’s transformative interpretation anchors De Gaulle, which combines the great History of the last few weeks of collapse of the French army up to the “Appeal of 18 June” calling for resistance, with the romantic portrait of a couple and a family without bearings on the roads of exile.

In June 1940, Colonel de Gaulle is called back to Paris from the front and made General. His belief that the conflict will be worldwide and that French forces must continue the fight from their colonies is immediately opposed by Marshal Pétain (Philippe Laudenbach) and General Weygand (Alain Lenglet) who are calling for an armistice. Going back and forth between London and Paris to negotiate with Churchill (Tim Hudson) while the French government flees to Bordeaux, de Gaulle soon faces a risky choice: whether or not to disobey orders in the interest of salvaging his own conception of France’s moral stature. Meanwhile, the General is worried about his own family — his wife Yvonne (Isabelle Carré) and their three children who are travelling the roads of France.

With de Gaulle, Gabriel Le Bomin offers up an instructive and fascinating film, documenting a series of dramatic political events unfolding at great speed. Lambert Wilson is a credible de Gaulle, well supported by the other cast members.

– Fabien Lermericer, Cineuropa

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Directed by: 
Gabriel Le Bomin
Running Time: 
108 minutes
French (with English subtitles)
Lambert Wilson
Isabelle Carré
Olivier Gourmet
Screenplay by: 
Gabriel Le Bomin
Valérie Ranson-Enguiale

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