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Eagle Vs. Shark

Finding love was never so...Awkward.

New Zealander director Taika Waita’s movie is the story of romance between two oddballs. Lily (Loren Horsley) is a shy, underappreciated cashier at a fast-food restaurant, and she’s got a crush on an electronic store clerk named Jarrod (Jermaine Clement). Lily gets up the courage to show up at Jarrod’s house for a “come as your favorite animal” dress up party on the day she’s fired from her job. Sparks fly between the couple, launching them on a quirky and moving romantic journey to Jarrod’s home town, where he plans to face down an old nemesis. Eagle vs Shark has some of the same awkward style that made Napoleon Dynamite so popular, but the big difference is that where Napoleon treats its characters as objects of derision, Waita’s movie understands and sympathize with Lilly and Jarrod. The result is a beautiful and delicate film about awkward people looking for someone. It’s the performance of Loren Horsley that really carries it. Lily is a completely magical character. Shy and uncomplaining, Lily says little but somehow says everything. Horsley makes her incredibly alive for a woman of so few words. On the outside she’s a façade of almost painfully shy reserve, on the inside she burns with passion and bravery unmatched by any woman you’re likely to see in any other film this year. I fell head over heels, completely in love with Lily. Joshua Tyler,
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Directed by: 
Taika Cohen
Running Time: 
New Zealand
Jemaine Clement, Loren Horsley, Craig Hall, Rachel House
Screenplay by: 
Taika Cohen

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