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The Greatest Student Film Ever Made returns to screens in a brand new print personally remastered by the director. The story– if it could be described as such– concerns Henry, a lonely man who discovers that the girl he loves has carried and given birth to something that might or might not be a baby… Watching ‘Eraserhead’ today, what emerges is the sheer, immersive clarity of David Lynch’s vision, the sense of a world unlike our own and yet inextricably bound to it: a world in which all the light has been sucked out, leaving only horror and isolation, desperation and unattainable dreams. Knowing the struggles Lynch and his crew underwent to complete this wildly uncommercial labour of love, over five years of scratching for every budgetary dollar, the absence of compromise astounds. ‘Eraserhead’ is a singular work of the imagination, a harrowing, heartbreaking plunge into the darkest recesses of the soul. Courtesy: Tom Huddleston, Time Out London
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Directed by: 
David Lynch
Running Time: 
Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Jeanne Bates, Allan Joseph, Judith Anna Roberts, Laurel Near
Screenplay by: 
David Lynch

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