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Fire of Love

Fire of Love tells the story of two French lovers, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who died in a volcanic explosion doing the very thing that brought them together: unraveling the mysteries of our planet, while simultaneously capturing the most explosive volcano imagery ever recorded. Along the way, they changed our understanding of the natural world, and saved tens of thousands of lives. Previously unseen hours of pristine 16-millimeter film and thousands of photographs reveal the birth of modern volcanology through an unlikely lens -- the love of its two pioneers.

Fire of Love - Film Review

Matt Zoller Seitz,


Directed and cowritten by Sara Dosa ("The Last Season," "The Edge of Democracy") and narrated by filmmaker-actor-artist Miranda July, "Fire of Love" is one of a vanishingly rare breed of documentary that is determined to be "total cinema," not just capturing the facts of what happened to its subjects but creating an entire aesthetic—a vibe—around them. As directed by Dosa and nimbly cut by editors Erin Casper and Jocelyne Chaput (who have already received an award for their work here, and deserve more), "Fire of Love" is not content to toss a series of arresting images collected by other filmmakers on the screen, even though the result still would've been riveting if they had. For the full review CLICK HERE.

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Directed by: 
Sara Dosa
Running Time: 
93 min
USA, Canada
French, English
Miranda July, Katia Krafft, Maurice Krafft
Screenplay by: 
Shane Boris, Erin Casper, Jocelyne Chaput
PG: Brief Smoking/ Thematic Material/ Some Unsettling Images

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