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Mad Hot Ballroom

If you can shake it, you can make it.

"At last, the cure for depression! This winning documentary about fifth-graders who learn ballroom dancing is one of those movies that makes the world a brighter place.In New York, from Washington Heights to Bensonhurst, 68 public schools teach kids how to swing, fox trot, tango and more. With each new dance, they learn about the culture that spawned it - and as they learn the music, steps and appropriate dance-floor attitude, they receive an education so full of possibilities it makes the heart sing.Director Marilyn Agrelo followed students from a few of these schools right up through a citywide competition where some of them are truly good and others make up for a lack of virtuosity with passion and a newfound sense of self.The beauty of this inspiring documentary is how the discipline and fun of dancing transforms the kids. Through dancing and competing, the children get comfortable with their bodies, with sportsmanship, and with life's rollercoaster of triumph and disappointment. A teacher breaks into proud tears while being interviewed: 'I see them turning into these ladies and gentlemen!'" - Jami Bernard, New York Daily News
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Directed by: 
Marilyn Agrelo
Running Time: 
Screenplay by: 
Amy Sewell

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