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May December

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Twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance gripped the nation, Gracie Atherton-Yu and her husband Joe (twenty-three years her junior) brace themselves for their twins to graduate from high school. When Hollywood actress Elizabeth Berry comes to spend time with the family to better understand Gracie, who she will be playing in a film, family dynamics unravel under the pressure of the outside gaze. Joe, never having processed what happened in his youth, starts to confront the reality of life as an empty-nester at thirty-six. And as Elizabeth and Gracie study each other, the similarities and differences between the two women begin to ebb and flow. Set in picturesque and comfortable Camden, Maine, May December is an exploration of truth, storytelling, and the difficulties (or impossibility) of fully understanding another person.



May December Reviews: 

"The film examines real-world events through the lens of mass media with a wry humor that masks profoundly complex and painful undercurrents of emotion." - Brad Hanford | Rotten Tomatoes

"It's a fiendishly clever film that gleefully deploys a range of metaphors in ways that both lead and wrongfoot the audience." - Rich Cline | Rotten Tomatoes

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Directed by: 
Todd Haynes
Running Time: 
Natalie Portman/Julianne Moore
Screenplay by: 
Samy Burch & Alex Mechanik
14A; Some sexual content/graphic nudity/drug use/language

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