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My Carpathian Grandpa


One Show Only! Saturday, Feb. 17 at 3:00pm!


LIVE ZOOM FROM KYIV ~ Q&A with Bohdan Beniuk!! 


This Film is in Ukrainian with English Subtitles

Special Event Ticket price = $21.85 (includes HST and ticket fee)



Michele lives the life of an ordinary teenager in sunny Italy. One day, his life turns upside down, and he is forced to embark on a distant journey to a small village in the Carpathians, where, as it turns out, he has a grandfather! The first meeting did not go according to plan, as the grandfather turned out to be a grumpy old man who doesn't know a word of either English or Italian. Moreover, the conditions in the Ukrainian village of Berezhnytsia differ from Genoa. The grandson plans to return home as soon as possible, but it seems he is stuck here... The relationship between the grandfather and grandson turns into a battle of two generations, but in the end, they both discover the significant importance of family and compromise.

Presented in Canada by Ukraine Harmony Foundation and Film Hive Entertainment

Note: All sales final, no refunds

Virtual cinema: 

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Running Time: 
116 min
Ukrainian with English Subtitles
Bohdan Beniuk ("Secret Diary of Simon Petlyura", "Skhidnyak", "Ivan Sila", "Maxim Osa: Gold of the Pesigolovtsya"), Simone Costa

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