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Natural Born Killers

The Media Made Them Superstars.

Natural Born Killers

RETROMANIA! | 30th Anniversary| 4K Director's Cut

Playing March 29th at 9:30pm!

Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis are two young, attractive serial killers who become tabloid-TV darlings, thanks to a sensationalistic press led by Robert Downey Jr. The press reports the pair as they go on a 52 people killing spree. A controversial look at the way the media portrays criminals. 


Natural Born Killers Film Review:

"This story of criminal youth gone mad in an even madder world was strong meat in 1995, and still retains some political edge in 2023…" - Eddie Harrison | Rotten Tomatoes

"The movie is enlightening, not because it transmits new information, but in the way that movies enlighten, through a synergy of images and rhythms that makes us sense the world in a new way." - David Anson | Rotten Tomatoes

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Directed by: 
Oliver Stone
Running Time: 
English, Navajo, Japanese
Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore
Screenplay by: 
Quentin Tarantino, David Veloz, Richard Rutowski
18A; Gory Violence/Strong Language & Sexuality

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