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New York Cat Fest 2020

It will be the cat's pyjamas!

The New York Cat Film Festival is a collection of short films which celebrate the felines who share our lives. The films, from all over the world, have been selected to inspire, educate and entertain.

These films are not the familiar YouTube videos of cats doing amusing things. They are documentary and fiction films, 2 to 20 minutes in length, each with a story to tell – and at the heart of the story, there will be a cat (or cats!). The program, which runs for about two hours in total, is designed for adult audiences but will also be enjoyable for children 10 & up.

- Cat’s Cradle (12 min): A doc about a senior living facility for felines.
- Bhuvana & Abhishek (8 min): A marriage is saved by a cat.
- Catcha Cat (3 min): Comedic tale of two escape-artist cats.
- Goodnight Friend (16 min): Documentary about the depth of loss felt after a pet's departure.
- Team MeowSA (3 min): Doc about a cat athlete competing in the 2018 Pyeonmeow Olympics.
- Cats My Life (8 min): Profile of a dedicated cat rescuer.
- Cat Café (20 min): Documentary about hanging out and chat-ting at the local cat café.  
- Just Visiting (2 min):  Animated film that proves how a 'cool cat' behaves.
- Furball (6 min): A demanding cat goes to extremes to get attention.
- 9 Lives  Tales From The Cat Show: Anicia's Story (4 min):  A young autistic woman finds joy in attending cat shows.
- Feline Paralysis (5 min):  Mockumentary about a medical condition well known to cat lovers.

Virtual cinema: 

No screenings currently scheduled.

Directed by: 
Various Directors
Running Time: 
89 minutes
Some very cute kitties

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