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MONDAY, OCT. 7th @ 9:00 PM

No is a universal outcry against all kinds of repression, oppression and suppression of freedoms, religious extremism and sectarian sedition. It is presented through 19 sketches, connected by the general idea and separated by the events. It is an experiment of a one man act (monodrama) showcased and translated through a cinematic reel which is a combination of documentary, drama, body language , movement, (mime) described through 19 silent sketches tending to be experimental. These meanings, ideas and concerns signified above represent us and you as a tremendous nightmare. Director's Statement: No was produced in the most difficult peak of the Egyptian Revolution, originaly to be a live theatrical show, performed at the Cairo Opera House, and cancelled at the very last minute due to the upraising violence and protests at Tahrir Square and the numerous obstacles it faced from the regime. ? Hesham Abdel Hamid, writer, performer, actor, director and producer of the show, then insisted and decided that his project will not rest, he imediatley rented a small dark room in the middle of Tahrir Square and took a wise decision to film his show into a movie, believing in the film, in his own inner protest against the regime, through his personal view and this experimental artistic project. ? There after, post production became another difficult task, in Cairo, being forced to work all night and unable to leave the studio until the morning comes, due to the time restrictions put upon people from the military for people to be out and about., hesham travelled to canada, insisting to continue his project, filmed his last scene on a roof of a rented house off college street, in Toronto, thereafter finalising editing in a basement in a small apartment in Toronto, he finally fullfilled his dream and NO is being completed and almost ready to screen and to overcame all financial obstacles! MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th @ 9:00PM ~ TICKETS: $10Official Trailer
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Directed by: 
Hesham Abdel Hamid
Running Time: 
Egypt, Canada
Hesham Abdel Hamid
Screenplay by: 
Hesham Abdel Hamid

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