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By the director of “L’Auberge Espagnole”

Opening with a dizzying journey through the titular city, immediately giving us a fresh perspective on one of the most frequently filmed places in the world, Cédric Klapisch’s portrait of Paris is right up there with Woody Allen’s classic Manhattan. It’s a love letter, a symphony, a passionate tribute to the history and architecture and people of a place like nowhere else on Earth. Nominally centered on the life of Pierre (Romain Duris), a former dancer who has just discovered that he has a potentially fatal heart condition, Paris is really an ensemble piece, bringing together tales of the loosely connected lives of citizens from all walks of life. These people are learned and naive, confused and intensely focused, happy and sad, yet they are all a part of something greater, and as the film progresses we gradually come to understand how the city itself lives through them. This is a film full of understated humour. Sometimes we are laughing at the characters as much as with them, but there is a sense in which their ridiculousness makes them all the more real and all the more worthy of affection. It is also a film which is truly grim in places and which pulls no punches in dealing with matters of life and death, but this is all a part of its beauty. Likewise it interweaves the legacy of the past with the technology and fashions of the present, showing a city which is changing all the time and yet remaining itself. This film will leave you spellbound as only Paris can. – Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film
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Directed by: 
Cédric Klapisch
Running Time: 
In French with English subtitles
Romain Duris, Juliette Binoche, Fabrice Luchini, Albert Dupontel, François Cluzet
Screenplay by: 
Cédric Klapisch

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