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Marie Curie: Pioneer. Genius. Rebel.

Based on a graphic novel recounting the life and work of Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, Rosamund Pike stars as the famed scientist responsible for discovering polonium and radium with her husband and research partner Pierre (Sam Riley). In addition to her breakthroughs, the film delves into other areas of her life, including passionate partnerships, inevitable tragedies, and the effect of her legacy, including consequences.

Review: Having adapted two of her own graphic novels into features (including the Oscar-nominated Persepolis), it is neat to see director Marjane Satrapi take on someone else’s work for the sake of bringing someone as important as Marie Curie to life in a new way. It is especially important given the accomplishments achieved by such an important woman in history, as she is someone I’d argue isn’t as well-known as other historical figures of a specific type, beyond having a recognizable name. And fortunately, this is a rather good film.

Pike does terrific work as Curie, a woman driven by science and what these contributions could mean for the world. She and co-star Riley have great chemistry, even when things become complicated, as fame begins coming their way. As a biopic, there’s a certain understanding of the kind of film I am getting into, and while it hits a lot of the same kind of tropes, there was a sense of focus and style aided by the committed performances.

The stylistic choices do go a long way, as Satrapi enlisted the right people to provide a modern feel to keep the film engaging. Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle makes good use of the science-vibe, with a nice emphasis on colors in the right places to bring out the levels of green used to symbolize a couple of different themes. Similarly, composer siblings, Evgueni and Sacha Galperine, do plenty with the subject matter, finding the right ways to play into the evocative feel of discovery. (Source: Aaron Neuwirth, We Live Entertainment)


"Director Marjane Satrapi's "Radioactive" is a film equal to her subject: creative, insightful, and thrilling"- Diane Carson, KDHX (St. Louis)

"Rosamund Pike's solid performance is the main attraction of the arthouse biopic, 'Radioactive'"- Russ Simmons, KKFI-FM (Kansas City)

"Satrapi's eye for mixing beauty with sickly dread and the suggestion that Marie Curie unleashed an ancient, dormant horror on mankind makes Radioactive a new subgenre all its own, the Lovecraftian biopic"- David Bax, Battleship Pretension


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Directed by: 
Marjane Satrapi
Running Time: 
109 min
UK, Hungary, China, France
Rosamund Pike
Yvette Feuer
Mirjam Novak
Sam Riley
Screenplay by: 
Jack Thorne
Based on the book by Lauren Redniss

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