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SIT-IN إعتصام‎
Climax of the December Revolution in Sudan

in Arabic with English subtitles

Monday, May 13th at 7pm ~ One Show Only!

$15.00 (Fees & HST included)

In December 2018, the Sudanese people took to the streets in wide protests and demonstrations against the oppressive al-Bashir regime. On April 6th 2019, the protestors staged a sit-in in front of the Sudanese army headquarters in Khartoum that was met with excessive force by militarized troops. On April 11 of 2019, just days later, al-Bashir was forced by army commanders to step down as President. It is estimated that over 100 people were killed since the beginning of the protests, as well as hundreds injured and arrested.

This documentary explores the modality and procedures through which the revolutionists created different forms of action in order to create change. Despite the goverment's many attempts at violently thrawting their efforts, through solidarity and cooperation nothing could stop the Sudanese people from altering the coarse of their country's history.



Director's Biography

• Graduated as a Director from the Egyptian Higher Institute for Cinema in 1977.
• Worked at the Sudan Film Unit and the Film Section of the Department of Culture.
•  Lecturer at the College of Music and Drama, Khartoum.
• Founding Member of the Sudanese Film Group.
• Chair Person for several terms of the Sudan Cinema Club.
• Member of the editorial staff of Cine-magazine.
• Scenarist and film Critic.
• Has a book about Cinema due to be published.
• Wrote and directed a number of short and long documentary films.
• Won a number of prizes in regional and international film festivals.

Some of his films:
• The TOMB: Short fiction, Institute graduation Project.
- Awarded at the Egyptian documentary and short film festival 1977.
- Awarded at the Gulaibiah Amateur film festival, Tunis 1978.
• The STATION: Short ocumentary.
- Awarded at the FESPACO film festival, Burkina Faso 1990.
- Awarded at Oberhausen film festival, Germany 1990.
- Awarded at Carthage film festival, Tunis 1991.
• The MATMORA CHILDREN: Short fiction 2008.
• HEMMEED: Long documentary 2013.
• SIT IN: Long documentary 2023.




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Directed by: 
Eltayeb Mahdi

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