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Snow Cake

Sometimes stopping is the most important part of the journey...

SNOW CAKE is a UK-Canadian co-production produced by Gina Carter and Andrew Eaton from Revolution Films and Canadian based Producers Niv Fichman and Jessica Daniel from Rhombus Media. The script is by first-time UK screenwriter Angela Pell and Directed by UK based Marc Evans. SNOW CAKE is a film about friendship, trust, snow, acceptance, obsessive behaviour, a dog called Marilyn, and about the power of friendship, no matter how eccentric, to change our lives and heal our hearts. Tight-lipped Englishman Alex Hughes (ALAN RICKMAN) arrives in Northern Ontario on his way to meet the woman with whom he’s had a son. He’s bullied by an altogether unconventional but lovable 19 year-old hitch-hiker Vivienne (EMILY HAMPSHIRE) into giving her a ride to her hometown of Wawa. When the car is hit by a truck on the outskirts of her home town, Vivienne dies instantly. Alex finds himself, for the second time in his life, grieving for someone he never knew. Shocked and stranded in snowbound Wawa, Alex is drawn to seek out Vivienne’s mother, to talk to her in person about the fate of her daughter. He also goes armed with trinkets and children’s amusements that Vivienne has picked up along the way for her mother. Alex knocks on the door and comes face to face with Linda Freeman (SIGOURNEY WEAVER). Linda is no ordinary Mother.
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Directed by: 
Marc Evans
Running Time: 
UK / Canada
Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss, David Fox, Jayne Eastwood, Emily Hampshire

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