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The Flying Scotsman

Hope made him a dreamer. Heart made him a hero.

A charming ensemble cast normally relegated to supporting roles elevates and takes the lead in Flying Scotsman, a telling of the true story of innovative cycling champion and sporadic depression dweller Graeme Obree. Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) squeezes into Obreeís snug biker shorts with focused detachment, inhabiting a man driven by ambition but plagued by an oppressive, (seemingly) inexplicable shroud of depression. There is no doubt that Obree is also a man touched by genius. Obree makes it his mission to beat the one-hour world record for biking, designing and constructing a revolutionary bike out of washing machine parts and scrap metal. As is the case with many innovators, Obree meets with scepticism and resistance from the old guard, who turn to rewriting rules when the pre-existing fuzzy logic in the regulations doesnít allow enough leeway to hinder the unlikely championís progress. In his endeavours, Obree has the support of his loving wife, Anne (Laura Fraser), his best friend turned manager, Malky (Billy Boyd), and clergyman/confidant Douglas Baxter (Brian Cox), all of whom play their parts with the utmost humanity, refusing to allow their characters to become triumphant sports movie cliches. Scott A. Gray, Exclaim!
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Directed by: 
Douglas MacKinnon
Running Time: 
Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Boyd, Laura Fraser, Brian Cox
Screenplay by: 
John Brown, Declan Hughes, Simon Rose

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