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The Wrestler

~Nominated for 2 Oscars, Winner of Golden Globe for Best Actor~

Rarely have an actor and role converged so perfectly and so powerfully. Mickey Rourke, whose acting career has been on the ropes almost from the start and whose face looks like a turnbuckle thanks to years of boxing, drugs and other abuses, inhabits the battered bleach-blond bruiser Randy ‘Ram’ Robinson, a past-his-prime pro wrestler still clinging to the hopes of a comeback. Ram lives for the ring, for the roar of the crowd, even if it’s only a couple hundred people in a rundown Legion hall. Outside, his life has no meaning. He’s got an estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) who hates him, a job at a grocery store, a rundown trailer not so different than the one Rourke was rumoured to be living in not so long ago. His only companionship is a tentative friendship with an aging stripper (Tomei) whose days of trading on her body are just as numbered as Ram’s. Aronofsky strips the film of his usual visual flourishes and captures the drudgery of Ram’s daily existence with a handheld near-documentary style. More than merely Raging Bull with wrestling, there is startling depth and surprising humour in this spare, gritty requiem for a heavyweight. It is a tiny film that feels both intimate and epic – and it’s entirely heartbreaking. The performances, particularly Rourke’s and Tomei’s, are raw and alive, as if the actors are striving for comebacks of their own. – Barrett Hooper, NOW
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Directed by: 
Darren Aronofsky
Running Time: 
Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood
Screenplay by: 
Robert D. Siegel

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