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Updates From The Hyland Cinema!


A special thank you goes out to all the members of our community! Thank you for your support, care, compassion, and kind words. The Hyland Cinema means a lot to not only our staff but to all of our patrons. Closing our doors was a hard decision but the right one at this moment in time. Saying that, our staff is working hard at coming up with ways we can stay connected and give you a form of entertainment outside the cinema.

  • We are partnering with a streaming service to offer you free viewing options and recommendations over the next few months.
  • Setting up a better online shopping experience if you would like to help support us by purchasing our merchandise.
  • Working with the community to compile a collective History of the Hyland. If you would like to help please reach out by emailing Please feel free to send us photos, articles, or just fun stories you have about our cinema!

If you would like to see a short documentary examining the subculture of appreciation for film projection through Hyland Cinema, the last theater capable of projecting film in London, Ontario. You can find the link here.

Stay tuned for further updates! We will keep you updated on all of our platforms frequently including the Hyland Cinema website, Instagram, Facebook pages, Twitter, as well as this weekly email.




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